4 Holiday Gift Alternatives to Toys

Shantie Toolsie  | November 12, 2019

For kids, the holiday season means one thing: toys and presents. The hottest new toys and video games top the wishlists of kids of all ages. Though toys are great gifts for kids, the novelty eventually wears off. Parents might be tired of the abandoned toy pile-up, and wondering what else they can gift their child this year. Consider these alternatives to traditional toys and video games.

1. A Trip

Though kids might not realize it yet, the memories and experience of a fun vacation is something that will last throughout their lifetime. Instead of giving them a material object, gift them an experience they’ve been wanting. Whether it be a trip to Disneyland or to the plethora of waterparks in the Wisconsin Dells, a trip is a gift that benefits the whole family.

2. A Class or Lessons

Has your child expressed an interest in learning an instrument or skill like ballet or karate? Indulge their creative side with the gift of lessons. Ask what they’re interested in, or what they’d like to learn how to do, and let them give it a go. Even if they don’t stick with it, the benefit of trying something new tops the benefit of a new toy.

3. Clothes Shopping Spree

Okay, so not all kids like getting clothes for the holidays, but some kids like to express their individuality with new clothes and accessories. If your kid enjoys clothes or shoe shopping, take them on a shopping spree for a gift. Set a budget and let them pick out the items they want within that budget. They’ll have fun, you get to spend time with them, it teaches them budgeting, and it beats the ugly Christmas sweater they’ll never actually wear.

4. Outdoor Gear

Encourage outdoor play by gifting your child something they can use all year. Invest in a new bike, skateboard or rollerblades, as well as the safety accessories that go with them. Kids’ faces are sure to light up when they see something they can get outside and use. Swing sets and playhouses are also great outdoor gift ideas!

Although toys will always have their place during the holidays, we hope this list gives you a few additional ideas. The best method for gift-giving is to pay attention to their interests throughout the year. The surprise of getting something they weren’t expecting is a priceless part of childhood. Happy Holidays!

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