5 Fun Lunchbox Hacks

Shantie Toolsie  | August 12, 2019

When it comes to school lunch, there are only so many things that parents can pack. Sandwiches and wraps tend to get old, and your kids might be more excited about the prospect of recess than eating all their lunch. Additionally, how do you know they are actually eating the side of veggies or fruit you send with them and not just the unhealthy stuff? Here are a few lunch box hacks to make packed lunch fun and appetizing.

1. Mason Jar Lunch

Skip the box altogether! Prepare delicious and easy meals in mason jars. All kids have to do is stir them up and eat. You can make mason jar pasta salads, mac and cheese, veggie rice blends or yogurt, granola and fruit blends. Just be sure to pack the jars with ice packs or frozen fruit if the food needs to stay chilled before lunchtime.

2. Suprise Notes

Kids love finding little messages in their lunchboxes. Write them a nice little note and hide it somewhere in their lunch for them to find. You can also write messages on banana peels, Ziploc bags or on fresh fruit using safe, edible markers!

3. Make Healthy Food Fun

Prevent kids from simply tossing out their celery sticks or apple slices by jazzing up healthy foods. Include peanut butter, salad dressing or yogurt for dipping. Instead of potato chips, try veggie chips or baked snap peas. They come in a variety of flavors and kids might not even be able to tell the difference.

4. Serve on a Stick

Something about putting food on a stick always makes it more fun! Make homemade Lunchables with cheese, meat and veggie skewers and crackers on the side. The presentation is sure to impress them and they’ll be way healthier and more affordable than Lunchables brand.

5. Don’t Forget Dessert

Of course you want your child to eat healthily, but they deserve a little treat, too. Always pack a little sweet something for them to have after they finish lunch. Though cookies and candy are always welcome to kids, you can also try a number of healthier options, including frozen chocolate-covered bananas, no-cook peanut butter fudge, or banana split bites. Get more recipes here.

Help kids look forward to lunchtime with these clever and easy ideas. If you’re finding yourself crunched for time to prepare lunches every night, have the kids help out. Making meals ahead of time takes stress off of you and the kids will feel proud that they are learning how to take care of themselves. Happy eating!

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