5 Halloween Safety Tips

Shantie Toolsie  | October 14, 2019

For kids, it’s the best part of October. Halloween is just around the corner! Your kids might already be thinking about their costumes this year, as well as the candy and goodies they’ll get. Though Halloween is a fun celebration for kids, there are a few safety tips to keep in mind if you’re a parent.

1. Go in a Group

If your kids plan on trick-or-treating, set up a buddy group of other kids and parents. Always trick-or-treat in trusted neighborhoods, and never let kids go off alone. Make the most of the night and dress up with them! You might even get some candy yourself.

2. Candy Check

This one is obvious and has been a Halloween tip for decades. Always check your kids’ candy and treats before they eat it. Warn kids not to take open food or drinks from strangers, and make sure they’re aware of the dangers of open or unwrapped candy. If your child has allergies, be careful about candy that contains trigger ingredients like peanuts or soy.

3. Set Limits

Though kids deserve sweet treats once in a while, letting them pig out on candy is not only bad for their bodies but horrible for their teeth. Set a candy limit and make sure they’re only having a few pieces per day to avoid a sugar crash and cavities.

4. Go Early

This is an especially good tip for little kids. Go trick-or-treating earlier in the evening while it’s still light out. Not only is it less scary for them, it’s also less dangerous. Getting out before supper is always an option, but be aware that some houses might not be ready with the candy bowls until after 5pm or 6pm.

5. Skip the Streets

Though going door-to-door for candy is a time-honored tradition of childhood, it’s not the best option for some parents. Look up alternatives to trick-or-treating that might be going on in your area. A lot of recreation centers host Halloween carnivals for kids, or maybe someone in your neighborhood is hosting a kid-friendly party.

Above all, remember that Halloween is supposed to be fun, not frightening! With a few safety tips and awareness, parents can help their kids have a great holiday without the worry. Stay safe and Happy Halloween!

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