5 Things Your Kids Can Plant in the Garden Today!

Shantie Toolsie  | April 1, 2018

Springtime means more sunshine, warmer days, and new growth! So, what better way to celebrate spring than to dig up some dirt and make some additions to your garden?

All of these things are so easy and fun to plant, the whole family will want to get in on it!


Many of us remember the excitement in elementary school of “planting” beans on a wet paper towel, inside of a sandwich bag. We set them on a windowsill and watched in awe as they grew and grew until soon, we could plant them in their own little pots!

As it turns out, bean plants are still a crowd-pleaser among kiddos. Plus, they are super easy to start! This tutorial is a more eco-friendly version of the old “bean-in-a-bag” project, as you could easily recycle an empty jar of baby food or salsa for the task!


An herb garden can be a particularly satisfying project because it’s edible and tends to smell delicious! Herbs can be planted in a variety of sizes, in or outdoors, and include any herbs your collective hearts desire!

This tutorial also uses jars, which you could easily substitute for empty cans that would have been recycled, the bottom half of milk jugs … the possibilities are endless, so feel free to get creative!

(Please note that some herbs that are edible for humans can be toxic for certain pets, so please do your research beforehand to ensure their safety!)


Sunflowers are an impressive plant for many reasons. Not only are they very likely to grow taller than your child (or even you!), they rotate so that they are always facing the sun and can contain up to 2000 seeds in one flower! There are also over 60 different types of sunflowers!

This tutorial is super fun, super easy, and is sure to be a hit with the kids! Just make sure the spot you pick is extra sunny so that their little flower faces will always be able to find it!


Carrots are another great option for kid-friendly gardening because they can be so diverse! Have you ever seen rainbow carrots at the grocery store? Well, now you can grow your own (or stick with traditional orange ones)!

This tutorial includes instructions for planting the carrot seeds in jars, but these can also be substituted for other containers, ideally with holes in the bottom for drainage. Honestly, though, if you aren’t paying attention to your plant’s drainage needs, do you actually carrot all?


Who doesn’t love a plump, juicy strawberry?

Whether on top of a slice of angel food cake, tossed into a fruit salad, or plucked out of the fridge as a tasty snack, many will agree that they are truly delicious! Unfortunately, these delectable berries can get a little pricey at the grocery store!

However, strawberry plants are pretty easy to grow – right in your own backyard! All you need to do is select your seeds, find a spot in your yard that will get at least six (but ideally, eight) hours of lovely, wholesome sunshine, and take a peek at this tutorial! Yum!

Getting your kiddos excited about gardening is important on so many levels.

It teaches responsibility, respect for nature, and promotes the idea that not everything you consume has to come from a store!

Did we mention it’s also really fun?!

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