5 Tips to Help Kids Avoid Academic Burnout

Shantie Toolsie  | October 7, 2019

It’s now officially October, which means falling leaves, cold weather and the holiday season right around the corner. It also means your child has been in school for over a month now, and academics might be getting stressful. Avoid academic burnout and help them get through the rest of the semester with these tips!

1. Take Advantage of Weekends

Weekends are not only a time for adults to relax and put work aside, but they’re also helpful for kids as well. Try to keep weekends homework-free and do fun family activities instead. Go for a hike or a fall picnic, see a movie, or play board games. Giving them this free time to reset is essential.

2. Physical Activity

During the school day, kids get lunch and recess breaks to get some energy out. Make sure that they’re getting plenty of time at home to play as well. When kids get bored and antsy, they tend to get frustrated with homework or class, so encourage them to get outside and play.

3. Stay Patient

Kids pick up on the energies of their parents. If you’re stressed with work and life, your child might feel that they need to be stressed too. Try to keep a positive and easy-going attitude with your kids. Set small goals and reward them when they finish a project or assignment. Keeping their outlook on school positive is key to a successful academic year.

4. Recognize Limits

It’s important to understand your child’s individual needs. All kids have strengths and weaknesses, and some learn quicker than others. Never push your child past his/her limit. Instead, push them to do the best they can. If they’re struggling with a certain subject, do your best to help them but never punish them for having trouble keeping up.

5. Keep Them Healthy

It goes without saying that your child’s well-being should be the priority. A good diet, plenty of sleep, and a good amount of exercise are the three components of healthy, happy kids. Also, ensure they’re washing their hands and covering their coughs! Fall is flu season!

A little positivity goes a long way. Keeping kids stress-free, healthy, and happy is the best way to ensure a successful school year. We hope these tips help both of you develop good habits to be successful along the way. Happy Fall!

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