7 Ways to Get Your Kids to Read More this Summer

Shantie Toolsie  | July 1, 2018

School’s out for summer and as fun as that is, it won’t be long before you hear those two dreaded words … “I’m booored!”

Luckily, there are plenty of ways your child can stay busy, and one of those ways is by jumping into reading! Literacy will always be an important component in your child’s education, so why not make it fun?

Here are 7 methods you can use to get your child excited about reading …

Find A Summer Reading Program At Your Local Library

Many libraries have summer reading programs in place for kids (and sometimes, even teens and adults!), and they’re really easy to join! Simply visit your local library, either in person or online, and ask about summer reading programs. Most of them are pretty straightforward—each child receives a log to record their finished books, and there are often prizes awarded by the library. Fun and easy. Check it out! (Pun intended.)

Create Your Own Reading Program

Were you too late signing up for a library reading program? No worries! Why not create your own program at home? There are plenty of printable log templates online, or you can have fun making them yourself! Prizes like fancy bookmarks, book lights, or actual books are great incentives for your child so that they can continue to love reading!

Family Book Club

Book clubs are a great way for people to gain new insights and listen to different opinions about a common book. A family book club is just another great way for you to connect with your kids, expand their minds, find out how they feel about certain situations, and ultimately grow as a family!

Subscribe to Magazines for Kids

It is important for kids to become acquainted with the world around them, but most magazines that come in the mail tend to be geared toward adults. Now, however, there is a plethora of magazines available for kid consumption! National Geographic Kids, Ranger Rick Jr., and Highlights are just a few examples of educational and fun kid-friendly reads!

Limit Screen Time

It can be pretty difficult to pry kids away from the television or gadgets, but there are several things you can do to encourage reading books, instead. One clever idea could be putting gadgets, TV remotes, and video games on a higher shelf, and books on a lower one. That way, the books are physically more accessible. Another option could be allowing more time for reading in relation to screen time—for instance, an hour of reading, versus a half hour of screens.

Bedtime Stories

“Just one more chapter!” Doesn’t that sound better than “One more episode!”? Reading stories—together, as a family—is a great way to get kids into reading before bed. Studies have proven that screen time too close to bedtime can alter circadian rhythms and make falling asleep more difficult. Getting into the habit of reading before bed may very well keep them on a healthier sleeping schedule, as well!

Weekly Trips to the Library

Who doesn’t love weekly family outings? By making trips to the library a weekly tradition, your kids may be more likely to finish their books in anticipation of new books every week! Libraries are also a great way to show kids that not everything that is fun needs to cost money, and that there are more places to learn than online! So many wins!

Whatever you and your family decide to do this summer, make reading a priority. The more your kids learn to love reading, the more they will love learning, as well!

From all of us at Rock Creek School, have a great summer!

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