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Rock Creek School is dedicated to providing a supportive, nurturing environment that empowers students to become engaged citizens in our classroom and community. Our vision is to create individuals who are grounded in their community and to teach them how to grow into their own personal success.

Engaged Learning

Our primary goal across all of our programs and classes is for each child to feel supported, nurtured, and empowered. Children receive homework help and academic support in an environment that nurtures relationship building and long lasting friendships. We aim to help children find and use their strengths to achieve their own personal goals.

Differentiated Education

We believe every child has unique academic needs, therefore, we provide individualized instruction and different avenues for closing learning gaps. Small class size has a profound impact on students. When there are only 12 students in a class, the curriculum can be individualized to every student. While they are all working on the same lesson, they are all working on their own skills and at their own pace.

Programs & Field Trips

Our level of community involvement sets Rock Creek School apart from all other programs. From field trips and do-it-yourself workshops to riding the RTD, children are exposed to new experiences and learn how to grow into active and engaged citizens. Our greatest hope is that we provide the tools for our students to become engaged citizens, both in the classroom and in the community.

Why we’re different

We advocate the relationship between children, parents, and teachers. Each teacher has a connection to each child and parent. The staff enjoy talking with parents each day (at drop-off and pick-up); we build personal relationships with every child and family. Our families are very important to us and we understand that most of our clients are full-time working parents. We make decisions that support our families, empathizing with the decisions they need to make for their children. Rock Creek School leadership is not driven from the perspective of business owners or “directors,” but from the perspective of mothers and parents.

Classroom instruction supports a personal approach for every student. We get to know each student, their strengths, challenges, likes and dislikes, and work with them to help them reach their potential. Together we form a family that strives to nurture and inspire our students.

Our Passionate Leaders

Shantie Toolsie

Program Director


Christina Dunlap

Kindergarten Teacher


Carolann Ellingson

Community Liason


Advisory Board

The Rock Creek School Advisory Board exists to provide guidance, support and advocacy to assist the organization to achieve its mission of providing a supportive, nurturing environment that empowers students to become engaged citizens in our classroom and community.

Rock Creek School Advisory Board members are community leaders who are committed to the mission of RCS and bring a variety of high-level skills, talents, expertise and networks through their volunteer service and make critical contributions to the success of RCS.

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“Rock Creek School has been a pivotal and delightful experience for my son and family. He attended Kindergarten there this past year. Developing more confidence and finding joy and agency in his own learning journey, he thrived at Rock Creek. This is a testament to the professionalism, engagement, and dedication of the whole staff. The small class size, community engagement, and expert teachers are truly the complete package. A diversity of rich experiences such as frequent field trips, interacting with the community, and reading with visiting therapy dogs combined with top-notch teaching and learning tailored for each child make RCS an absolute standout!”

- Amy W., Parent

“The After-School program is awesome! They bus our daughter from school, provide snacks, complete homework and have fun! Picking up our daughter can be a struggle because she never wants to leave. Ms. Shantie is a great Director and has an awesome team in place. Rock Creek School is active in the community and we highly recommend any of their programs.”

- Ben B., Parent

“I can’t say enough about the staff and programs at Rock Creek School. They have become a second family to us and watching my Kindergartner thrive in their curriculum has been amazing to watch. Ms. Tina was born to be a teacher and she pours into her students every single day – in big and little ways. The individualized attention is something I know my daughter wouldn’t get elsewhere and the cozy feel and warm staff makes it an easy place for kids to feel comfortable and learn. The surprise for me was watching the older kids connect with the younger and make them feel included and special – even in the hallway at their public school. I’m proud to be a RCS parent and can’t wait to send my other 2 children there in the Fall.”

- Lisa R., Parent

“Thank you again for hosting the Advanced Engagement Review team. It was a pleasure working with you. I commend you and your school for its commitment to advancing excellence in education through your continuous improvement efforts and the accreditation process.”

- Advanced Engagement Review Team, Colorado

“I have to say that I am so impressed with Rock Creek School. As a nutritionist, I have come in to do some programs after school, in the summer, and during school-day off sessions. I am also a former special education teacher, so I can be picky about schools and teachers. The teachers and staff here are top notch, understand each child, and individualize for different abilities. They have a well-rounded curriculum, offer homework help, and get involved in community projects. If you have elementary age children that need after school care or have a kindergartener and want a small, caring setting with high expectations, I highly recommend Rock Creek School and Kindergarten!”

- Jen S., Parent

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