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Addicted to Soda? Why Not Try These Homemade Alternatives?


The first problem with added sugar is that it’s really not very good for you or your family. The second problem is that it’s in everything. Before we get into that second statement, let’s unpack the first one: why is added sugar so bad for you? Simply put, your body doesn’t need it. Everything we eat eventually breaks down into sugars, but if you’re eating healthy food, you are also absorbing...

5 Ways to Make Sure Your Child Gets A Good Night’s Sleep


As adults, we often tend to overlook (or ignore) the importance of a good night’s sleep. It is much harder to ignore the ill effects the next morning. We’re drowsy, grumpy, unable to concentrate, and the whole day passes in a fog – not something you want to happen to your child! Teaching kids good, healthy sleeping habits early on is key to helping them stay on track as adults. Here are...

Stay Ahead of Morning Mania With These 6 Night-Before Breakfast Recipes!


We’ve all been there … Your alarm didn’t go off, or it didn’t go off loudly enough, or you accidentally shut it off instead of hitting snooze. Then, you used baby wipes in lieu of the shower you no longer had time for, sprayed enough dry shampoo onto your scalp to create a relatively effective helmet, and stumbled down the stairs, only to discover that your kids had yet to drag themselves out of...

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Remember the after school programs when you were a kid? Children running wildly through the gymnasium, launching dodgeballs, basketballs, and any other sports equipment they could get their hands on, all the while ignoring filthy looks from the  parents in the after school aerobics class on the other side of the gym? Ah … the good old days. Exciting as those “programs” may have been, you’ll be...

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