The Importance of STEM in Schools

Breaking the stigma that math and science are hard, STEM programs attempt to promote science literacy from a young age.

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Healthy Home Run Snacks for Baseball Games

What is the best option for feeding the kiddos at a baseball game? Pack your own picnic!

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Rock Creek School Voted Best School in East Boulder County

We are extremely proud to announce that Rock Creek School has been voted the best school in East Boulder County by Colorado Hometown Weekly!

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5 Healthy Afternoon Snack Alternatives to Junk Food

How do you get your kids to enjoy to healthy snacks they can still be excited about? Read on for some delicious (and easy) recipes they’re sure to love!

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5 Recycled Crafts to Make With Your Kids

At Rock Creek School, we teach our students all about the importance of helping our Earth to stay clean and healthy.

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