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Establish A Healthy School Year Routine!


At Rock Creek School, we do everything we can to make sure that our students are happy and healthy. From homework help, to healthy snacks and outdoor time, our programs are designed to nurture young minds and teach them important life skills and habits. A home routine is just as important as those that are established in our programs, so we’ve come up with some healthy habits you can include in...

5 Recycled Crafts to Make With your Kids


At Rock Creek School, we teach our students all about the importance of helping our Earth to stay clean and healthy. Recycling is a large part of that, so we thought we would share some fun craft ideas (made from recycled materials) to try out with your kids, this summer! * Be warned, however … these activities are so much fun, we wouldn’t be surprised if the whole family joined in! Coffee Can...

7 Ways to Get Your Kids to Read More This Summer


School’s out for summer and as fun as that is, it won’t be long before you hear those two dreaded words … “I’m booored!” Luckily, there are plenty of ways your child can stay busy, and one of those ways is by jumping into reading! Literacy will always be an important component in your child’s education, so why not make it fun? Here are 7 methods you can use to get your child excited about reading...

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