4 Free Educational Apps Every Elementary Kid should be Playing


  With seasons changing we know that weather can permit some comfy, warm days indoors. Come days like these it is tempting to want to throw something on the TV or pop a video game in for some easy, most of the time, brainless entertainment. Why not start your child on a healthy habit before the winter storms and download these four fun, educational apps on the home tablet or phone to play on...

5 Ways to Make Sure Your Child Gets A Good Night’s Sleep


As adults, we often tend to overlook (or ignore) the importance of a good night’s sleep. It is much harder to ignore the ill effects the next morning. We’re drowsy, grumpy, unable to concentrate, and the whole day passes in a fog – not something you want to happen to your child! Teaching kids good, healthy sleeping habits early on is key to helping them stay on track as adults. Here are...

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