5 Steps to Help Your Child Feel Comfortable in the Classroom


If your child is experiencing any discomfort in their school environment it can take away from their ability to concentrate, make new friends, communicate with their teacher, ask for help, or even stay motivated to come back to school the next day. So, what are you suppose to do if you notice that your child appears anxious or resistant about school?

Here are a few steps you can take to help your child feel as welcome and relaxed in their classroom as they are at home. 

  1. Set Up A Play Date

Play dates are a great way for your child to create, maintain, and build long lasting friendships all while working on their social skills that they can bring into the classroom. Take the time to introduce yourself to the other parents on the school grounds and express your interest in setting up a time for your kids to get together to play. Some schools may even have a designated place online for parents to chat and stay updated on school events. An additional bonus is that regular play dates can also give you a break!

  1. Pack Notes or Mementos in Fun Places

 You know how hard it can be to drop off your kid at school and say goodbye. Well, this is hard for them too! Packing simple notes alongside their lunch in your own handwriting can be enough to help comfort your child and remind them that you are thinking of them while they are at school. Another fun idea is to send your child with a picture of the family to keep in their desk or cubby, or why not both! Everyone can use a little reminder here and there that they are loved. 

  1. Ask the Right Questions and Highlight the Positives

 It is important that kids feel confident about themselves and build a positive perspective on learning.  With these two things kids will be motivated not only to go to school but also to focus and learn. One of the easiest steps you can take to build on their perspective of learning is to not forget to talk about the more intriguing, fun aspects of school. Whether this is art, bugs, science, recess, field trips, or snacks they may never get at home.

As far as confidence goes, this can be and is very complicated especially when it comes to self-confidence. There are blogs and articles all over the internet on this and self-esteem because of the important role in plays in your child’s growth and development. However, do not let it intimidate you.  One simple way to build your child’s confidence is to ask questions that you know they know the answer to but that you’re still curious about. For example, what does a typical day look like at school or what does your classroom look like, walk me through it. These are things that have no right or wrong answer that surround school and make them feel like the expert of their environment. 

  1. Ask About Tutoring

I do not think there is any negative result that can come from tutoring. With tutoring you child will receive one on one attention from a teacher in identified areas that may be lacking in some skills. It is an extra bonus if you can set up tutoring with your child’s homeroom teacher to build on that relationship and make future communication easier. When a student feels confident in all areas of school and has a strong relationship with the classroom teacher there is no reason for your child to holdback from raising their hand to every question! 

  1. Preparation and Routine

 When a healthy, smooth routine is held at home it gets rid of a whole list of things that could be causing anxiety, discomfort, or lack of concentration for your child. It is very difficult to be comfortable not just at school but anywhere when you are hungry, tired, or unprepared.  There are plenty of steps that you can find in our last month’s blog, to avoid this list and to establish a consistent morning routine to maximize comfort for your child in their classroom.

Being comfortable in new and unfamiliar environments can be hard, but with these 5 steps your child will be ready to learn, make friends, and show off their new found confidence!

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