Establish A Healthy School Year Routine!


At Rock Creek School, we do everything we can to make sure that our students are happy and healthy. From homework help, to healthy snacks and outdoor time, our programs are designed to nurture young minds and teach them important life skills and habits.

A home routine is just as important as those that are established in our programs, so we’ve come up with some healthy habits you can include in your child’s everyday routine, starting today!

8 or More Hours of Sleep Per Night

Whether you are a child or an adult, the benefits of a full night’s sleep are innumerable. The more rested your child is for class, the better they will be able to concentrate on lessons and assignments. There are plenty of things you can do to make sure that your child has the best chance of getting that full eight hours, and many of them are detailed in our blog post from last month.

Healthy and Balanced Meals

Chances are, you are pretty particular when it comes to the type of fuel you put in your car. That being said, the fuel you provide for your child should be even more important! Protein, fiber, and lots of greens should be staples in your child’s diet, while heavily-processed foods should be avoided. These foods tend to be loaded with sugar, fat, and unnecessary chemicals that leave your child’s stomach full of empty calories, with little to no nutritional benefit.


Staying hydrated can seem a little tricky at times (Too much water can be bad, as well.), but a good rule of thumb is to teach your child to drink water when they’re thirsty. It is especially important that water be the first beverage they reach for, since many adults and children get into the bad habit of “quenching” their thirst with sugary beverages, instead. The fact is that water makes up over 50% of the human body, meaning that it is the only liquid that will ever truly alleviate thirst. Water is also much better for your oral health (added sugar won’t do your teeth any favors) and may even help to curb sugar cravings, especially if they are actually symptoms of thirst!


When it comes to keeping bodies happy and healthy, exercise is essential! Whether it’s jumping jacks between homework assignments to keep their brains alert, or a spin around the backyard with a soccer ball, kids need daily exercise! It should also be noted that fresh air and sunshine is something that every child needs (also on a daily basis). Why not make a habit of a family walk in the park, before or after dinner? Routines are far easier to establish if the whole family is involved!

Chores / Cleanliness

It is important to establish good routines as far as chores and cleanliness early in life, to ensure that your child will continue them an adult! Daily chores should include making their bed, brushing their teeth (at least 2 times per day), brushing their hair, putting dirty clothes in a hamper, putting away clean clothes, putting toys away, and bathing regularly. Hygiene and neatness are habits that will always be necessary, so it is best to introduce them early!

Time Management

This is the component that ties all routines together. Without time management, your child will likely not be able to achieve the healthy habits on this list because they will run out of time. Help them to stay on track with a daily calendar or to-do list. Writing down a specific time for the activity (or an amount of time in which it should be completed) can help them stay accountable for their own success.

Establishing new routines takes time, effort, and patience, but as soon as they are established, they should begin to feel like second nature! Do your best to lead by example and your child will continue to grow and introduce their own healthy routines.

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