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At Rock Creek School, we know the importance of balancing work with play.  This fall we thought we would share with you a few fun ideas to help celebrate the upcoming season and holidays in your home.

Caution though, some of these activities may be unbelievably delicious or even quite spooky!


  • Fall Leaf Snow Globe:

Does anyone else want fall to come early? With this fun DIY project you do not have to wait for the leaves to change or for the pumpkins to grow. You can have your very own fall tree in your house or bedroom that can lose its leaves over and over again. It will only take a trip to your closest craft store and convenience store. Make your house feel like fall whenever you feel like it (or are missing those PSLs).

  • Caramel Apple Bar:

With Halloween and loads of sweets right around the corner what a better way to enjoy dessert with your kids this Fall than with a semi healthy alternative, a caramel apple bar. You can cater this truly delicious dessert to anyone’s liking. This article shares flavors such as s’more, cheesecake, apple pie and many more. But don’t forget to let your kid get creative and colorful and try some crazy combinations such as their favorite cereal, crumbled Poptarts, popcorn, or even dried fruits and granola.

3) Waxed Fall Leaves:

One of the best parts of fall is watching day by day as the leaves change colors and fall from their branches. Get your kid outside and exercising for this fun fall activity and collect some beautiful leaves. This tutorial will then share with you how to wax their favorite leaves to turn them into colorful fall decorations, bookmarks, gifts for their friends and make fall last that much longer. This tutorial does use hot wax so you, parents, are going to need to be the lead artist of these masterpieces.

4) Acorn Friends:

These lovable friends are fun and easy to make, plus they are small enough to fit in a pocket so that your child’s new friend can go anywhere with them! Most of the materials needed for acorn friends can be found in your basic household art cabinet and have endless possibilities for looks and personalities. Be sure to take advantage of the next pile of acorns you find and think about how many new friends that pile could be!

5) Edible Pumpkin Play Dough:

Did you schedule a play date with your child’s friend from school and did not have anything planned? Did you stock up on pumpkin for endless pumpkin pies and pumpkin rolls this fall? Well you are in luck, you may have had something planned the whole time and you just did not know it. This edible pumpkin play dough will create an messy, fun, unforgettable play date that will be shared around the neighborhood. This is an allergy-friendly recipe but please remember to remind your kids that not all play dough is edible and will not taste as good as this fall one will.

6)Bat Bookmarks:

Need a Halloween party idea or want to keep things educational? These spooky

DIY corner bookmarks are your solution. This tutorial lets your child pick from creating a bat, monster, ladybug, or hedgehog to mark their page this Halloween. Bookmarks, sounds simple right? Well although this project has the least materials on our fall food and fun list it is certainly not the easiest. Introduce your child into origami this fall, with this follow along guide, and arts and crafts will be sure to continue throughout all the seasons in your household.

We would love to see your final masterpieces or hear about your favorites from our Food and Fun for fall list so please do not be scared to share via our social media.

Happy fall!

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