The Joy of Giving


Giving is one aspect in life where an action speaks louder than words. Donating to a cause or sharing your own personal time and resources with a person or charity can create a positive change, big or small, for both the recipient and the donor. Here are a few reasons why everyone should make giving a part of their life.


  1. Strengthens Morals and Values

Giving strengthens both personal values and community morals. Most individuals feel a moral responsibility to respond to social conscience within their communities. Acting upon this responsibility makes us feel like we are valued in our communities. It also makes us feel that we are staying true to our own personal values all while building upon and solidifying good morals throughout the community.

  1. It is a win, win situation

Giving is an outward expression of your feelings or appreciation for someone. Expressing these feelings to one another can ignite a smile, motivate someone to keep doing the incredible job they do every single day, or possibly get them through one of life’s tougher moments. If that is not enough reason to give, in return you will get a feeling of fulfillment, happiness, feel empowered, and possibly find a new found purpose. We do not need to understand everyone’s life story but everyone does deserve to feel valued, appreciated, and important.

  1. Giving is contagious.

Start a tradition in your family of giving to others and charitable organizations. Share with your children why you think this is important, your feelings of satisfaction and feelings of self-worth that come from helping others. Who knows who else might be watching and be inspired by your actions. One action or one person can make a difference in this world but why not have everyone working towards the greater good. Who knows you may even strengthen relationships or even make new friends along the way.

Start spreading the joy of giving as early as possible with your children. The possible effects will be felt not only within themselves but by everyone around. With strong personal values, good community morals, a new found spirit of giving, and happy individuals we can all discover a deeper understanding of giving this Thanksgiving season.


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