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Remember the after school programs when you were a kid? Children running wildly through the gymnasium, launching dodgeballs, basketballs, and any other sports equipment they could get their hands on, all the while ignoring filthy looks from the  parents in the after school aerobics class on the other side of the gym?

Ah … the good old days.

Exciting as those “programs” may have been, you’ll be happy to know that the after school program at Rock Creek After School is still fun (although a lot less wild), but with the added bonus that your children will actually continue their education beyond the classroom. They will also receive one-on-one homework help when necessary, eat a tasty and nutritious snack, and generally find new ways to grow and nurture their creative brains!

In addition to an after school program, Rock Creek After School offers kindergarten, reading help,  tutoring, and summer and day camps. These camps are especially unique because they include weekly field trips, DIY workshops, community service, practice riding the RTD light rail, and much more! We want your children to become a happy, well-rounded, contributing member of society and our programs reflect that!

You may be wondering why this article is called “Welcome to Our Blog,” when we haven’t actually mentioned anything about blogs yet. Well, make sure to stay tuned to this section of our website, where you will be able to enjoy regular articles detailing things like the latest trends in learning and development, tips and tricks to help your children learn better, and the best healthy meals to make in a pinch!

Here’s the bottom line: Rock Creek After School is here to make sure that your children have everything they need to succeed in the classroom and beyond. By showing them ways to be active in their community, as well as their own learning, we are helping them to become resourceful and successful adults!

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