4 Free Educational Apps Every Elementary Kid should be Playing



With seasons changing we know that weather can permit some comfy, warm days indoors. Come days like these it is tempting to want to throw something on the TV or pop a video game in for some easy, most of the time, brainless entertainment.

Why not start your child on a healthy habit before the winter storms and download these four fun, educational apps on the home tablet or phone to play on your students’ days indoors.

  • BrainPOP Junior Movie of the Week

Looking for a fun, animated app that covers all your child’s school topics? Look no further! Your child can join characters, Annie and Moby, weekly to guide them through one new skill in each subject on BrainPOP Junior Movie of the Week. The app uses videos, quizzes, and activities to help every player grasp and understand each skill fully. This app is suggested for kids in Kindergarten through 3rd grade. Annie and Moby can’t wait to meet a new friend!

  • Todo Math

Building a sound foundation for your child’s math skills is very important. With the Todo Math app your child can master all of the major skills including time, geometry, addition, subtraction, word problems, multiplication, number tracing and many more in a interactive and engaging way. This app has won numerous awards including “2018 Parents’ Choice Gold Award” and is aligned with Common Core State Standards for Kindergarten through 2nd grade. Have your child jump into their first daily adventure or look through the mission gallery to find their first mission and you will be amazed by what they will learn!

  • Wizard School

This educational app offers a wider variety of educational subjects than the previous two apps and applies to children in 2nd through 8th grade. You can learn all types of skills that appeal to different interests from new recipes in the kitchen, facts about animals, design, different languages to space! On top of that your child can take photos, videos, create art or do voice-overs and share their creations with friends and family all under your control. Why not combine creativity and education in a safe, controlled environment.


4) GoNoodle

Don’t want your child sitting on the couch today sucked into another piece of technology? We understand. This witty app with supple amounts of humor provides a fun way to get your child up and moving. It provides free dance-along music videos, yoga tutorials, and mindfulness activities all with educational key points throughout! You can even get the whole family to GoNoodle together with dance offs or catchy educational songs to cook dinner to. GoNoodle is sure to bring many laughs and good times into your household. What are you waiting for? Go check it out!

Apps are a fun, new way for anyone to learn at anytime.  Keep things educational in your home this winter season and share with us your child’s favorite educational app on our social media pages!


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