Healthy Home Run Snacks for Baseball Games

Shantie Toolsie  | May 3, 2019

Batter up! Baseball season is officially here! For kids and adults alike, baseball games are a staple of summer. From the catchy organ music to the smell of grilling hot dogs, nothing beats the sights, sounds and smells of a stadium. However, for a lot of parents, the issue of healthy eating is at the foreground of any all-day outing. And while a hot dog and cotton candy once in a while isn’t going to do any harm, if you and the kids frequently attend baseball games, you might be looking for healthier alternatives to traditional stadium fare.

So what is the best option for feeding the kiddos at a baseball game? Pack your own picnic! Coors Field permits soft-sided coolers up to 16 inches tall and wide, which gives you plenty of room to bring your own food. Permitted items include soft plastic bottles (sealed), food in individual portions, and fruit like apples and bananas. Note that glass bottles and aluminum cans are prohibited. Sandwiches, cold chicken, pasta salad and fruit salad are all great options for game food. Additionally, unsalted peanuts are actually healthy for kids. Packing your own peanuts will save you a ton of money in the long run.

Although bringing your own lunch is more cost effective and healthier than buying food at the stadium, If you still want to treat your kids and have the full baseball experience, healthier options are becoming increasingly available. In fact, Coors Field has a build-your-own salad bar! Infield Greens (section 120) has a huge variety of healthy topping options that even kids will eat. However, if salad just doesn’t cut it for them, try Salad Wraps (section 120). You can also find some healthy options on the menus at some of the restaurants like the Wazee Market and Captain’s Deck.

What about dessert? If you’re looking to steer clear of sugary cotton candy or high-fat ice cream, there are a few places at Coors Field you can find low-fat frozen yogurt or frozen lemonades. You might also consider bringing popsicles in an ice cooler, or frozen grapes for a healthy and delicious treat. No matter what you end up eating, also remember to stay hydrated in the heat and have a blast at the ballgame!

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