How to Get Kids to Do Homework

Shantie Toolsie  | August 19, 2019

Starting the school year off right includes having good homework habits. Some kids are good about doing their homework, but for some parents, it might not be so easy to get them to sit down and complete it. Here are a few helpful hints for getting kids to do their homework.

1. Set Up a Study Space

Ensure that your child has a productive space to complete homework. Set them up a desk in a quiet area free of distractions like TV or siblings. Stock the space with pencils, calculators and other helpful tools, and spruce it up with fun decor or whiteboards that they can make to-do lists on.

2. Set Goals

Help kids actually complete assignments by setting nightly goals for completion, and discussing with them exactly what needs to be finished. Set goals for yourself as well, and ensure that you’re aware of what they’re studying and how you can help if they need it.

3. Take Breaks

Study breaks are always a good idea, especially for younger kids who have trouble focusing for long periods of time. Let them take a break if they complete a certain number of math problems or a chunk of reading. Five-minute breaks are usually enough for a snack or to play outside for a while.

4. Don’t Fight

For some, homework time is also argument time. Don’t give in to the frustration or your kids will begin to associate homework with negativity and frustration. Stay positive and try to make the process fun for them by putting on some light music, offering a sweet treat, or making a game out of it.

5. Reward Them

Kids need time to be kids. Make sure that you’re allowing them that time every day once the homework gets finished. Tell them they can watch TV or play a game once they’re done, or promise them a fun weekend treat if they finish their homework every night of the school week.

Homework doesn’t have to be stressful for kids or parents; it can even be a great bonding time for families. Try to make the workload fun and easy by being present and involved. Soon, homework will become a habit and everyone’s night will run a little smoother.

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