How to Keep the Kids Cool This Summer

Shantie Toolsie  | June 21, 2019

Summer is great for kids and adults alike, but what do you do when the temperature is too scorching for outdoor activities? Colorado has its fair share of hot summer days, but there are many fun and clever ways to beat the heat. Here are a few ideas for parents and kids to keep cool.

Sprinkler Time

One of the joys of childhood summers has always been running through sprinklers. Kids love it and it costs way less than going to a public pool. Additionally, it helps water the lawn! Find a fun sprinkler attachment for the kids to play with, or fill water balloons and have a water fight. If you’re concerned about keeping water costs down, set a timer so you’re not leaving the hose on too long.

Frozen Treats

Before you reach for the sugary store-bought Popsicles, think twice. There are plenty of healthy ways to snack and cool off, and all of them you can make yourself. Try this recipe for five-ingredient healthy homemade popsicles, or freeze grapes or bananas for a sweet and fun treat. You can also easily make healthy “milkshakes” using fruit like strawberries or bananas, ice and milk.

Movie Time

There is never a shortage of fun family films during the summer months. For those really hot days, take the kids on a movie outing. Theaters are always cool (sometimes too cold, so bring hoodies) and the kids will enjoy the excitement of an outing. You can even make the movie a reward for getting chores done or reaching summer reading goals..

Evening Play

One of the easiest ways to get outside in the summer is to plan according to the time of day. Typically the hottest time of the day is between 10am and 4pm. If you want to give the kids outside time, plan for early morning or evening activities. Always check the forecast since Colorado weather changes so frequently.

If you do find yourselves outside during the hottest hours, make sure everyone stays hydrated, bring spray bottles for cooling off, and always wear plenty of sunscreen! Have a fun and safe summer!

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