Ms. Traci Moran


Ms. Traci brings a diverse background to her role at Rock Creek School. As the Kindergarten Enrichment teacher she helps students transition into First Grade and empowers them to be their best. She leads a reading group composed of First and Second Grade students. In the summer, she teaches the Summer Slide program, a program designed to prevent students’ reading levels from regressing over the summer break.

Originally born in Germany, Ms. Traci has lived all over the world and brings her unique perspective to students every day.

Leadership Role

Kindergarten Enrichment & Summer Slide Teacher.


Bachelors in Teaching.

Favorite Subject

Language Arts

What is one thing students should know about you?

I love my job and love working with kids!

Why did you choose Rock Creek School?

Rock Creek School is an amazing place. After spending over 20 years as a teacher in public schools, I was drained and disillusioned. I found Rock Creek and found my happy place!

What is one thing parents should know about you?

I want parents to know that I treat their children like they’re my own. I work to create a nurturing and engaging learning environment for my students.

What do you like to do in your personal life?

I was a military brat as a child. Born in Germany, I have lived in Texas, Okinawa (Japan), Florida, and Colorado. My husband, Mike, is an accountant and I have three grown children and two grown step children. I also have 2 dogs.

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“I can’t say enough about the staff and programs at Rock Creek School. They have become a second family to us and watching my Kindergartner thrive in their curriculum has been amazing to watch. Ms. Tina was born to be a teacher and she pours into her students every single day – in big and little ways. The individualized attention is something I know my daughter wouldn’t get elsewhere and the cozy feel and warm staff makes it an easy place for kids to feel comfortable and learn. The surprise for me was watching the older kids connect with the younger and make them feel included and special – even in the hallway at their public school. I’m proud to be a RCS parent and can’t wait to send my other 2 children there in the Fall.”

- Lisa R., Parent

“Thank you again for hosting the Advanced Engagement Review team. It was a pleasure working with you. I commend you and your school for its commitment to advancing excellence in education through your continuous improvement efforts and the accreditation process.”

- Advanced Engagement Review Team, Colorado

“I have to say that I am so impressed with Rock Creek School. As a nutritionist, I have come in to do some programs after school, in the summer, and during school-day off sessions. I am also a former special education teacher, so I can be picky about schools and teachers. The teachers and staff here are top notch, understand each child, and individualize for different abilities. They have a well-rounded curriculum, offer homework help, and get involved in community projects. If you have elementary age children that need after school care or have a kindergartener and want a small, caring setting with high expectations, I highly recommend Rock Creek School and Kindergarten!”

- Jen S., Parent

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