Why Birthdays are Important for Kids

Shantie Toolsie  | June 10, 2019

As an adult, you probably celebrate your birthday in some small way every year. A card from coworkers, nice dinner or drinks, and maybe a present here or there. But for kids, birthdays are usually the best day of the year next to Christmas! Have you ever wondered why birthdays are so special to kids? Celebrating birthdays is actually a very important part of childhood, and here’s why.

It Builds Their Confidence

As an attentive parent, you probably try to do this every day. However, research suggests that the yearly recognition and celebration of an individual child is essential for helping them develop a sense of self-worth, pride and love. Birthday parties are beneficial because they allow one child to be the center of attention for the day, which can be especially helpful in households with siblings. By giving them individual time and attention, you’re letting them know they are loved and appreciated.

It Sets Milestones

To kids, age is important. We stop counting half-birthdays as we get older, but to kids, being six-and-a-half is a big deal! It means they’re almost 7, and 7 means they’re going to be 8 someday. Kids have their own ideas of what age entails, and they’re proud of growing up. It means they have more privileges and independence, they’ll be moving into a higher grade, and their friends are all growing up with them. Encourage them to celebrate these little milestones every year! It promotes motivation and positivity in all of life’s transitions.

It Encourages Social Development

Whether your child is the birthday star or a guest attending a friend’s party, birthday celebrations encourage positive social interaction among kids of a similar age. For the birthday boy or girl, parties teach them how to be appreciative and thankful for gifts, well-wishes and company. Meanwhile, the party guests learn patience, generosity and how to get along with others. Help them learn these social skills by accompanying them to their peers’ parties, and always try to make their own birthday a very special and memorable occasion.

So the next time birthdays come around, encourage your kids to get excited and do what you can to make their day special. They’re sure to remember it for a long time, and will carry on the tradition with their own kids someday.

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